Audio/Visual Setup and Support

  • Classroom A/V

    Each classroom and most spaces have an 85-inch 4K television equipped with wireless streaming VIVI.  Additionally, each classroom has an ELMO document camera, capable of showing high-resolution documents and objects.

    Reservable Spaces

    There are several spaces that can be reserved by district staff and community members.  To reserve a space, staff should contact the Principal's Office at the respective school.  Community members should contact the business office at (847) 731-9750.


    • South Cafeteria - Speakers, Microphone, Projector
    • Field House, East and Main Gym - Microphone
    • PAC Lobby - Speakers, Projector, Microphone
    • PAC Theater - Speakers, Microphones, Projector, XLR connection for mixer


    • Cafetorium - Speakers, Microphone, Projector
    • Training Room - Projector

    Document Cameras

    ZBTHS and NTZB have document cameras available in each classroom.  ELMO Document Cameras are display a high-definition, high-quality image via HDMI to the televisions.


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