Phone, Conferencing, and Faxing

  • Phones (VOIP)

    ZB∙IT provides VoIP/SIP service using the district's IP-based network.  The district's phone system, routed by 3CX, allows for all staff to make and receive direct calls to internal and external numbers.

    • 3 reserved blocks of 847/731-XXXX phone numbers, totalling 550 unique phone numbers.
    • Phone conferencing services - video and audio, secured by pins.
    • Calls via Phone Handsets, web app, and iOS/Android apps.
    • Voicemail
    • Digital Receptionist, Call Queues, and Ring Groups
    • Online Staff Phone Directory


    Inbound faxing can be provisioned on a per-department basis and are converted directly to PDF and delivered to specified email inboxes.  Outbound faxes are sent via an email-to-fax service.

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