• Accelerated Placement Policy

    Participation in the District’s accelerated programming– Honors and Dual Credit courses– is not limited to students who have been identified as gifted and talented; it is open to all students who may benefit from accelerated placement. In order to challenge each and every student to his or her fullest potential, the District uses multiple valid, reliable student performance measures to provide recommendations for placement, including, but not limited to, grades, standardized assessment data, faculty recommendations, learning mindset indicators, and student and parent requests.  

    Recommendations for student enrollment in the District’s Honors and Dual Credit courses are based on the aforementioned criteria developed by the District or by the specific criteria developed by the governing body of the course (e.g., the College of Lake County for Dual Credit courses) and occur during the spring of each school year.  However, because the District monitors student progress on a continuous basis, students, parents, counselors, and teachers may request changes in placement during the school year.  Prior to a student’s removal from or addition to an accelerated course, parents and students are notified of the proposed change by their teacher and/or counselor and engaged in the decision-making process prior to any course change.