• Grade Weighted Courses

    Determining Grade Point Average

    Weighted Grade Point Averages are determined by averaging honor points awarded for grades earned. Grades earned in Driver Education and courses taken on a pass/fail basis will not be used in computing grade point averages or rank in class.

    Honors English 1: Composition

    Honors English 2: World Literature & Composition

    Honors English 3:  Political Studies English

    Dual Credit English Composition I

    Dual Credit English Composition II

    Math 1 Honors

    Math 2 Honors

    Math 3 Honors

    Honors Pre-Calculus

    Honors Biology

    Honors Chemistry

    Honors Social Studies

    Honors World Cultures

    Dual Credit United States History to 1876

    Dual Credit United States History 1876 to Present

    Dual Credit Introduction to Art

    Dual Credit Introduction to Theatre

    Dual Credit Introduction To Business

    Dual Credit Introduction to Digital Media

    Dual Credit Internet Fundamentals

    Dual Credit American Decades

    Dual Credit Critical Thinking

    Dual Credit Introduction to Criminal Justice

    Dual Credit Introduction to Sociology

    Dual Credit American National Politics

    Dual Credit Physical Geology

    Dual Credit Introduction to Psychology

    The table below illustrates honor points earned for grades:








    Normal Honor Points







    Weighted Honor Points








    Honors Recognition

    Honor Roll

    At the end of each semester, Honor Roll and High Honor Roll will be computed and published.  Students achieving a 3.50 to 3.74 weighted grade point average will be listed on the Honor Roll.  Students with weighted averages of 3.75 and above will be listed on the high honor roll.

    Grades in Driver Education and pass/fail courses are not included in honor roll computations.

    Students receiving “incomplete” grades may not have their name published although they may make Honor Roll status after the incomplete is removed.  

    Graduation Honors

    Student graduation honors will be awarded based on the Cum Laude system. Graduation honors will be based upon the seventh semester cumulative grade point average. Final class standing is based upon the completion of all graduation requirements.  Cumulative grade point average at the end of six semesters will be available as soon as possible so that students may audit and verify the computation.  Seventh semester cumulative grade point average will be released as quickly as possible following the close of the seventh semester.

    The table below illustrates the Graduation Honors Recognition Program:

    Rank Designation

    Grade Point Average

    Summa Cum Laude

    4.00 and higher

    Magna Cum Laude

    3.75 to 3.99

    Cum Laude

    3.50  to 3.74