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City of Zion Sign Design Contest

The City of Zion is looking to replace its five city signs that are placed throughout the community. We are excited to announce that District 126 students have been invited to partner with the City of Zion to participate in all phases of the project.  

The initial phase of this project begins with District 126 students called to create and submit a new design for these signs.  To get the very best design for the city, District 126 is facilitating a contest in which all District 126 students will be eligible to create and submit an original design.  The top three designs will each receive a $1,000 prize and present their designs at a joint May 4th Board Meeting with the City of Zion and District 126.  This opportunity is open to ALL District 126 students.

Design submissions must be turned in no later than April 15th to Mr. Andrew Stout, Department Head at ZBTHS or to Ms. Bonnie Felske, Principal at New Tech. Please see the attached flyer and informational slideshow below. 

City of Zion Design Contest Flyer

City of Zion Design Contest Informational Slideshow