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Logo Refresh Project

Dear Zee-Bee Community:


We are excited to share with you that ZBTHS D126 is undergoing a project centered on revitalizing our District brand. This project aims to refresh our existing logos into high-quality digital formats. Our focus is to revitalize our Zee-Bee PRIDE by enhancing our District Seal and Zee-Bee, highlighting our history via a web page and video dedicated to highlighting and preserving our history. We love our current District Seal and Zee-Bee and look forward to enhancing them using the latest design technology and school community input. We have remained committed to keeping the integrity of the District Seal and Zee-Bee while demonstrating growth, innovation, evolution, and Zee-Bee PRIDE.


This project also includes redesigning a Zion-Benton High School and New Tech High School logo as part of New Tech’s Board approved Re-imagination Plan.


The central focus is to honor our past, celebrate today, and prepare for the future.


Due to the preliminary information posted on social media, we have modified our timeline and want to share the early design proposals with you. These preliminary designs include feedback from focus group meetings on December 14, 2022, and March 1, 2023. In this process, we remained committed to maintaining the integrity of our District Seal and Zee-Bee while preserving their rich tradition and uniqueness. I am proud to report that the preliminary Zee-Bee designs presented in this message reflect input received from focus groups.


I look forward to continuing this collaborative approach in revitalizing our Zee-Pride to instill an emotional connection with our current students, future students, alums, and school community.


We value your input as stakeholders and invite you to share your feedback during the events listed below. Your feedback will serve as continuous enhancements throughout the design process.


Proposed Timeline:

Present preliminary District Seal and Zee-Bee designs at board committee meetings:

*3/9/23 - Personnel

*3/13/23 - Business, Bid, Finance

*4/6/23 - Long-Range Planning

*A District Seal & Zee-Bee Survey will be posted on our websites on 4/11/23 for student, staff, parent, and community feedback.

*Share a historical overview of our Zee-Bee roots on 4/11/23.

*Student focus groups: March and April.

*A recommendation to the Superintendent of Schools on the final District logo, Zee-Bee, and a video on the history of our Zee-Bee roots and Zee-Bee PRIDE will be presented. 4/25/23.

*An information item on the final District logo, Zee-Bee, and a video on the history of our logos and Zee-Bee PRIDE will be presented to the Board of Education during the regular May Board meeting with a recommendation in June.


With Zee-Bee Pride,


Ms. Cynthia Moreno



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