• First aid, health records, physical education medical excuses, and all matters pertaining to students' health are handled in the Health Services Office. 

    Health Records

    Students' required physical exams and immunization records should be submitted to the Health Services Office.  The state of Illinois school physical form should be utilized and can be found under the "Documents and Forms" link.  Note: All forms require a medical physician's signature.  Freshman athletes should make a copy of their required high school entrance physical to submit to the Athletic Department.

    Medical Excuses from Physical Education

    Any student with a doctor’s excuse prohibiting participation in physical education must present the excuse to the Health Services Office. Parent’s/guardian’s notes concerning an excuse from physical education for a day must also be presented to the Health Services Office.

    Medication Administration

    Parents/guardians are responsible for administering medication to their children. Parents/guardians may authorize their students to self-administer a medication according to the District’s procedures for student self-administration of medication.  All prescription medication, other than inhalers and other lifesaving devices, will be secured in the Health Services Office. 

    Medication Procedure:
    Parents/guardians are required to complete and submit a School Medication Authorization Form, which is located under "Documents and Forms".  Parents will provide medication in the original prescription container, which includes dosage and other instructions for the Health Services Office. Students will report to the office at the designated time, log in to the Health Services Office, and take their medication per the instructions and then return to class.  For further clarification, contact the Health Service Office.

    Nothing in this policy shall prohibit any school employee from providing emergency assistance to students, including administering medication.

    The Health Services Office is overseen by Mr. Jacob Carlson, Director of Student Services, who can be reached at [email protected] or (847) 731-9356.

Jacob Carlson
  • Mr. Jacob Carlson
    Director of Student Services
    [email protected]
    (847) 731-9356

    Health Office Phone: 
    (847) 731-9336