• Dr. William King attended Waukegan West High School and graduated in 1993. Dr. King went on to secure his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University with a concentration in Criminal Justice Science. Dr. King was hired as a North Chicago police officer in 2001 and separated from the department in 2008. William ventured into the private sector and was hired as director of security for North Chicago school district from 2008 – 2010. Dr. King achieved his Master of Arts degree from Webster University in 2010 (Business and Organizational Security Management). In 2012 William was hired as a deputy sheriff by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. William has worked as an investigator, juvenile investigator, Crisis Intervention Team member, Strategic Response Unit, School Resource Officer, Gang and Narcotics Officer, and Field Training Officer. In 2023, he received his highest degree from National Louis University for Community Psychology,  Ph.D. Dr. King has been living in the Zion community for 17 years.

    The Office of Safety and Prevention is committed to assisting administration with creating a safe learning and teaching environment for all staff and students. Our fundamental principles include but are not limited to: communication, collaboration, consistency, and celebration. It is the goal of the safety and prevention office to ensure that staff and students can learn and instruct at an optimal level where they can realize excellence. 

  • Dr. William King
    Executive Director of Safety and Prevention
    [email protected]
    (847) 731-9321

MacArthur White
  • Mr. MacArthur White
    Asst. Director of Safety & Prevention Zion-Benton East (ZBE) Campus
    [email protected]
    (847) 731-9808

Rod Henry
  • Mr. Rod Henry
    Asst Director of Safety & Prevention Zion-Benton Township High School (ZBTHS) Campus
    [email protected]
    (847) 731-9314

Ms Fajardo
  • Mrs. Grindelia Fajardo

    Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of Safety & Prevention & to the Executive Director of Leadership and Strategic Planning

    [email protected]

    (847) 731-9324