• Welcome to the Office of Safety and Prevention.  The New Tech Safety and Attendance Office is located on the first floor of New Tech High.  Mr. MacArthur White, Assistant Director of Safety and Prevention, is the primary contact for all matters related to safety and prevention at New Tech.  The District 126 Safety and Prevention Office is located by the Zion-Benton Twp. High School Courtyard Cafeteria, which is where the District's Executive Director of Safety and Prevention Dr. William King is located along with the Assistant Director of Safety and Prevention for Zion-Benton High School.  

    The Office of Safety and Prevention is where students who are concerned about their or another's safety, who see or hear something suspicious or concerning, or who may need assistance with a parking lot issue should report these concerns.  

    Lost and Found

    Students who lose any items of value may go to the Safety and Prevention Office and request a special Lost/Stolen Report Form at which point Mr. White will do his best to assist the owner. Any students who find valuables that do not belong to them are required to bring them to the Safety and Attendance Office at their earliest convenience.

MacArthur White
  • Mr. MacArthur White
    Asst. Director of Safety and Attendance - New Tech
    [email protected]
    (847) 731-9808

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