Fire Alarm/Drill Procedures

    2. The fire alarm is a loud, continuous signaling device.
    3. Leave your area immediately by the assigned exit as designated by the posted Disaster Plan. Promptly follow all directions given and remain with staff.
    4. Have an alternative route in mind in case your assigned exit is blocked.
    5. If traffic appears to be blocked or slow, do not push. Wait calmly in line. Be prepared to turn back and use alternative exits.
    6. Turn off utilities used in class.
    7. Proceed at a rapid pace. Do not wait for friends. No loitering or delaying in hallways or cafeterias.
    8. Move AT LEAST 500 FEET away from the building.
    10. Take purses and valuables with you.
    11. No unnecessary talking. Listen carefully for instructions throughout the evacuation.
    12. The SIGNAL to RETURN to the building is an ANNOUNCEMENT on the intercom. (During fire drills the Signaling Device will be turned off after approximately two minutes. THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT IS CLEAR TO RETURN TO THE BUILDING. Everyone must remain outside until the end of the drill is announced.)

Tornado/Disaster Drill Procedures

  • When a Tornado/Disaster drill is in effect, all persons must move immediately to safer areas.

    The signal for the start of the tornado/disaster drill is an announcement over the intercom, or a prolonged and interrupted “beep” of the passing tone, or both. An announcement over the intercom ends the tornado/disaster drill.
    The Disaster Plan posted in every room will give directions as to where personnel are to report. (Rooms are required to have the fire/disaster plan posted. If missing, request a replacement from the Principal’s Office.)

Lockdown/Lockdown Drill Procedures

  • District 126 will practice lockdown drill(s) annually.  During a lockdown/lockdown drill, all students and guests should follow staff directions immediately.  Directions on whether the lockdown is “soft” (concern outside of the building) or “hard” (concern inside the building) will immediately follow the initial notification of the lockdown/lockdown drill.  Students who fail to comply with or disrupt an emergency drill, or attempt to incite panic or initiate an unauthorized emergency drill, are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or a hearing before the Board of Education.