School IDs

    1. Students must always wear a current Zion-Benton ID card on a lanyard, which is to be worn around the neck and not tied to book bags. IDs (regular and temporary) will be visible as soon as soon as the student enters the building and must only be worn on the front chest of the top layer of clothing. Replacements must be purchased upon arrival to school.
    2. The first ID card is free. Replacements will be available in the Attendance Office.
    3. Any student defacing his/her ID will be billed for replacement cost.
    4. Students may not give their ID to any other person (unless requested by a staff member).
    5. No student may be in possession of any other student’s ID.
    6. If a student loses his/her ID card, he/she must get a replacement.
    7. If a student has a schedule change, he/she must get a replacement ID card (at no charge).
    8. The lanyard must be of breakaway material in order to insure student safety and must be worn as-is without any knots. No clip-ons or any other display holders are to be used.
    9. Using more than three replacement IDs in one semester will result in a referral to the Dean’s Office.
    10. Students will be allowed two IDs in their possession, one in their locker and one worn by the student.
    11. Temporary IDs will be provided at the Attedance window. Students will be charged $5.00 for a permanent replacement ID and $1.00 for a lanyard.