Contacting the Board of Education

  • The Board of Education welcomes feedback from its constituents. Constituents may contact the Board of Education through the School Board's secretary, Mrs. Kim Rossmann, at 847/731-9792. The Board of Education has also provided a form that can be completed electronically for this process. Once the online form is completed, it will be sent electronically to all members of the Board of Education. The Board of Education desires that individuals who have an issue of concern receive timely assistance. As a result, the School Board respectfully requests that individuals follow the School Board's Problem Solving Policy/Procedures in order to have their issue addressed by those who are able to resolve the matter as promptly as possible. The steps to the Problem Solving Policy/Procedures are as follows:

Problem Solving Policy/Procedures

  • Any student or parent/guardian having a question or complaint because of the application of an administrative rule, or because of the actions of a school employee, or who feels there are deficiencies in the school system such as curriculum content, disciplinary practices, educational facilities, teaching methods, sexual harassment, etc., has the right to raise a question for attention.

    Students should consult with their Advisor, Parent/Guardian, Counselor, Dean or Principal for assistance in selecting the best and most appropriate means for presenting a matter for consideration.

    However, should the complainant engage in conduct or actions during the problem-solving procedures prohibited under Board Policy 8:30, then the provisions under Enforcement shall be utilized to address such conduct or actions. A copy of Board Policy 8:30 may be found on the District’s website at under the heading “Our District - Board Policies.”


    1. The question or problem should be discussed at a personal conference with the staff member directly involved in the question or problem. A Dean will be involved if it relates to a disciplinary action or upon the request of other appropriate personnel.
    2. Any substantive complaint regarding an employee by a parent must promptly be called to the attention of the employee. The complaining party shall first discuss the matter with the employee with the intention of resolving the complaint. The Counselor and/or Dean if requested in advance by either party will attend the meeting of the complainant and the employee. A complainant’s refusal to meet with the employee or present evidence may terminate any further action.

    If the conference does not resolve the matter within ten (10) school days -


    The following information will be needed, in writing:

    1. Date, time and place of any situation causing the question or problem.
    2. Specific nature of the question or problem for which remedial action is requested.
    3. The remedy desired and why this remedy is felt to be appropriate.
    4. Information as whether anyone else would be affected by the requested action.
    5. Result of the original conference (Step One) and reasons for dissatisfaction with the conference result.

    The question or problem may be taken to the Principal, who may bypass Step Two and refer the question to Step Three.  If the Principal feels there is no basis for the question or that the conference result was the proper resolution, he/she will so inform the complainant. If informed in writing, a copy will be sent to the Superintendent and/or other appropriate Zion-Benton staff.  If the Principal feels the question or problem merits further investigation, he/she will hold a conference with all persons involved and will make a determination as to whether further action is necessary. In any case, he/she will notify all involved with the situation of his/her decision. If informed in writing, a copy will be forwarded to the Superintendent.

    If Step Two does not resolve the situation within ten school days:


    The question or problem may be taken to the Superintendent for a review.  This procedure shall be the same as Step Two.  If Step Three does not resolve the situation within ten school days:


    The question or problem may be taken to the Board of Education for final review and decision. This procedure shall be the same as Step Two.

    Click here to access the electronic form for contacting the Board of Education. When the form is completed, an email communication containing the information submitted on the electronic form will be sent to the Board of Education.