• District 126’s Student Services mission is to facilitate each student's personal/social, academic, and career development through counselors' delivery of guidance and counseling activities, as well as through a collaborative effort among the home, school, and community. The school counselor, Laura Schuda, is available to offer guidance, support the overall well-being of all students, and assist with post-high school planning. The school counselor works one-on-one with students experiencing personal struggles as well as on a larger scale in relation to academic, college or career planning, and social-emotional learning. The role of the school counselor is to help reduce obstacles preventing students from reaching their potential. She will listen, teach, advocate, care, and support the students holistically. The school counselor uses a plethora of tools to help students navigate the world around them and assist in preparing students for a successful and productive life after high school.


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    Zion-Benton East's School Counselor: Laura Schuda

  • The Registrar, Ms. McKenzie, is available to assist with records and/or transcripts for transferring present and past students.

    The Student Services Support Specialist is available to assist with correspondence enrollment, home or hospital tutoring, secondary school reference forms, GED letters, homebound services, and other services. Please contact Laura Schuda if you have further questions.

    The Director of Student Services, Mr. Carlson, is available for assistance with transferring or enrolling students, to offer guidance on special circumstances and other support services.

Laura Schuda