• What is Skyward Family Access?

    Skyward Family Access is an internet-based, secure, and password-protected program that allows parents/guardians and students to see their school information. All you need is an internet connection. All students' families have been assigned a log-in and password.
    At NT@ZB, parents can see the following information:
    • Term grades (progress, midterm, semester)
    • Attendance information
    • Standardized test scores
    • Class schedules
    • Basic demographic information (address, phone numbers, etc.)

    Most information in Family Access is in real-time.  Unlike the ZB campus, NT@ZB does not utilize the day-to-day gradebook function in Skyward.  For real-time updated grade information, log in to Echo.

    How do you get to Family Access?

    Accessing the Family Access portal is simple.  Click on this link to be connected, and then login with the username and password for your family access account. If you need assistance, contact David Matteson at (847) 731-9798 or [email protected]