• The purpose of Driver Education is to enhance a student’s ability to physically drive an automobile, to develop a mental process of decision-making, and to interact emotionally and socially with other drivers.  Driver Education is typically taken during a student's sophomore year and is a semester-long elective offering.

    Instruction and Fees

    There are two portions to the Driver Education Program; Classroom Instruction and Behind the Wheel (BTW) Instruction.  Behind the Wheel is optional but provides the experiences necessary for a student to obtain his/her driver’s license. 

    In order to participate in Behind the Wheel (BTW), students must meet three requirements:

    1. The $275 Driver Education BTW Fee must be paid in full by the start of the school year.

    **In order for this fee to be waived, the Fee Waiver Form must be completed with all required documents and submitted to the Business Office prior to the start of the school year.  Please allow 10 working days for processing.  This form must be approved by the Business Office in order for the $275 Behind the Wheel fee to be waived.  Benefits begin on the date of approval and are not retroactive.  Fees will be prorated based on approval date.

    1. Students must obtain their permit from the DMV and provide a copy of it to their Driver Education teacher on the first day of classroom instruction.  
    2. Students must have passed 8 semester credits in their previous two semesters of attendance.

    **Failure to meet these requirements by the deadlines above will result in the student being dropped from BTW (they will participate in classroom only).  If a student completes all requirements after the deadline, he/she will be added to a waiting list.  Students on the waiting list will be able to participate in BTW towards the end of the semester if and only if sufficient driving slots are available.  Note - students on the waitlist may have more than one BTW instructor and are not guaranteed to take BTW.