• There are 2 main national tests used for college admissions- the SAT and the ACT. Either test is accepted at all colleges/universities, even if the average test score information on the college's website is in one form. For example, a college that lists SAT averages will accept an ACT score. Students do not have to have a score on both tests for admissions. In Illinois, we concentrate on the ACT as it was connected with the high school state test. The SAT Subject Tests are separate from the general SAT and are recommended or required for admissions for many highly selective colleges/universities. Registration for the following tests must be done online.

    Registration ONLY online http://www.actstudent.org
    Fee: $36 during regular registration period, $26 additional during late registration period.
    Scores available 2-4 weeks after test date.
    ZBTHS is a test site for all ACT dates except June.
    Saturday, 10/25 Regular registration by Sept 19, Late registration by October 3
    Saturday, 12/13 Regular registration by Nov 7, Late registration by Nov 21
    Saturday, 2/7 Regular registration by Jan 9, Late registration by Jan 16
    Saturday, 4/18 Regular registration by Mar 13, Late registration by Mar 27
    Saturday, 6/13 Regular registration by May 8, Late registration by May 22

    SAT Subject Tests
    Used in admissions for highly selective colleges/universities. Check the admissions website for more information.
    Registration ONLY online http://www.collegeboard.org
    Fee: $26 basic test fee, $16 each test taken (up to 3 allowed each test date).
    Scores available 2-4 weeks after test date.
    ZBTHS is NOT a test site for any SAT test.
    Saturday, 11/8 Regular registration by Oct 9, Late registration by Oct 28
    Saturday, 12/6 Regular registration by Nov 6, Late registration by Nov 24
    Saturday, 1/24 Regular registration by Dec 29, Late registration by Jan 13
    Saturday, 5/2 Regular registration by April 6, Late registration by Apr 21