• One of the largest sources of scholarships comes from the college/university a student has been accepted to. Check out the college's admissions or financial aid website for more information.

    National scholarship databases such as http://www.fastweb.com or http://www.scholarshipexperts.com are also helpful.

    Also check out www.raise.me for information about micro-scholarships from over 150 colleges.

    Local scholarships are scholarships that are open to students in Illinois, Chicagoland area, Lake County, or specific to ZB students. We list local scholarships on Scoir.

    The Zion/Benton Township Community Scholarship application will be available in Scoir in late January, 2021 for Class of 2021 Seniors. Completion of this application will enter the student in consideration of scholarships from Zion or Benton Township Community organizations' scholarships. This 'local scholarship packet' is ONLY available in Scoir!

    The local scholarships below are outside the consideration of the 'local packet' and must be applied for separately in Scoir.

    It is the responsibility of students to ensure completeness of scholarship applications. Students are also responsible for submitting all required documents for each scholarship. Most scholarships cannot accept transcripts through Parchment. Students who need a transcript for a scholarship application can either have their counselor upload the transcript file directly to the scholarship application or pick up a paper transcript from Student Services and mail the transcript on their own with all other application materials. We do not mail scholarship applications for students.