• District 126 complies with rules and regulations governing the Illinois School Record Act of 1975, the complete text of which is on file in the Student Services office. The following statements are required by that Act and the Rules and Regulations of March 24, 1976:

    I. The student records covered by this Act will include the following materials:

         A. Permanent records of basic identifying data, academic transcript, grade average, rank, graduation date, state assessment scores, college entrance examination scores, attendance, accident and health record, record of releases of records, honors received and co-curricular activities.

         B. Temporary records of family background, intelligence, aptitude and achievement test scores, teacher anecdotal records, disciplinary information, special education records of referral, placement, hearings and appeals, verified reports or information from non-educational sources of relevance to the student and records of release of temporary information.

    II. Maintenance of records.

         A. Permanent records will be microfilmed and kept by the school permanently.

         B. Temporary records will be destroyed according to the following schedule:

              1. Temporary records of students who have graduated will be destroyed five years following the date of graduation.

              2. Withdrawn or transferred student temporary records will be destroyed five years following June 30th of the year in which the student withdrew or transferred.

              3. A student has the right to request a copy of their records prior to destruction. Cost per sheet for copies is 35-cents.

              4. Temporary records of special education students will be kept on file for a period of five years following the date the student officially left school.

    III. Parents/guardians, or students age 18 or over, have the right to inspect and copy records. Cost per sheet for copies is 35-cents.

    IV. Parents/guardians have the right to control release of records and the right to a copy of information released, except as provided by law.

    V. Records may be released without parental consent or notification to local district staff, including the Special Education CO-OP, the State Board of Education, to approved research workers, or pursuant to a court order under ILL. Revised Statutes, 1975, Ch. 122, Article 50-6(a).

    VI. Parents/guardians or students age 18 or over have the right to challenge any entry except grades and reference to expulsion or out of school suspension in the school student record via direct written request to the school. In case of a dispute, a hearing may be requested before an impartial hearing officer. A formal hearing will be held pursuant to 9.03 of the Student Records Act. Any party has the right to appeal the local hearing officer’s decision to the Superintendent of the Regional Office of Education. The school shall implement the decision of the Superintendent of the Regional Office of Education.

    VII. Per Illinois law, directory information may be released without Parent/Guardian consent unless specifically prohibited in writing by the Parent/Guardian. This information includes: name, address, date of birth, period of attendance, honors received, activities and field of study, and diplomas awarded. This information is primarily requested by military recruiters, institutions of higher education, the Student National Clearinghouse, and other approved research workers.

    VIII. No person may condition the granting of withholding of any right, privilege or benefits or make as a condition of employment, credit or insurance the securing by any individual of any information from a student’s temporary records which such individual may obtain through the exercise of any right secured under the Actor these regulations.

    IX. Confidential records which are maintained by a school employee or office solely for the carrying out of a school function; which are confidential information relayed by a student or parents; recommendations for college admission, employment or receipt of an honor or award; physician’s, psychologist’s or psychiatrist’s reports are not included in the provision of this Act and will not be made available to a parent or student.